Harnessing Blockchain for Digital Freedom

MILKING PROTOCOL champions the cause of internet anonymity by offering on-chain incentives to decentralized internet relay operators. Our approach is rooted in the utilization of advanced hardware solutions, ensuring a robust framework for open and anonymous internet protocols.

Hardware Design

The MILKING Relay, a cornerstone in anonymous networking, is designed for ease of use. Operators can effortlessly power up, connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and start earning MILKING tokens for bandwidth contributions. In the near future, enhancements will allow for personal browsing routing through these secure networks.

MILKING Protocol:
A Paradigm Shift

Our unique protocol incentivizes the operation of relays in decentralized networks. Relay operators engaged in our system can mine MILKING tokens, effectively contributing to the strength and expansion of our network.

Ecosystem's Vital Force

Central to our system, the MILKING Token facilitates rewards, governance, and serves as a medium of exchange for third-party services. This token is instrumental in enabling participation within our network.

Energy-Efficient Relay
Hardware Specifications


Energy-efficient Quad Core, 1 GHz


128GB eMMC, designed for expansion


Advanced Encryption with a dedicated chip


Operational and diagnostic LEDs


4GB LPDDR4 for optimal performance


Smart cooling with automatic fans


Robust, metallic anodized aluminum casing


Latest Bluetooth 5 technology

Protocol: The Pillar of Digital Freedom

Protocol: Fortifying Internet Sovereignty

MILKING leverages a novel layer for token distribution, anchored in a Proof-of-Uptime mechanism.



Build Consensus and Enhance Privacy

Join our initiative to fortify global internet privacy. Operate a relay to strengthen our network and engage in essential testing phases.



Streamlined and Secure Token Distribution

Access your rewards effortlessly through a gasless mechanism, enabling real-time compensation on our sophisticated layer.


Strategic Tokenomics for Expansion

Our collaboration with financial specialists has yielded a balanced, incentive-driven economic structure.


Valuing Bandwidth Contribution

Your bandwidth contributions earn rewards, determined by the collective consensus of the network.


Dedication to

Our open-source protocol is available for public scrutiny, reflecting our commitment to transparency and security.


Engage in Our

By setting up a relay and engaging in our educational initiatives, you play a crucial role in our community.


Scalable and Robust

Our secure cloud infrastructure is optimized for scalability, redundancy, and stringent security measures.

Prioritizing Internet Anonymity


Enhance a network serving millions globally.


Equitable and ongoing reward mechanisms.


Augment privacy through a robust relay network.


Participate in an informed and active operator community.

Broadening Participation


Open to all internet users, promoting global privacy.


Regular, immutable reward cycles.


Intuitive relay hardware for easy setup.


Minimal setup requirements for widespread accessibility.

A Keystone in
Ecosystem Growth

The MILK Token transcends its role as a reward, becoming a critical element in ecosystem engagement, from governance to marketplace activities.

Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Integrating diverse networks through collective decision-making.

Criteria for efficient network participation via specialized hardware.

Fostering development of third-party services.

A finite token supply ensures a balanced ecosystem.

Blockchain services seamlessly integrated into our infrastructure.

A burgeoning ecosystem of decentralized applications.

Providing private compute and storage solutions.

Supporting robust and redundant hosting services.


Crafting a Decentralized Legacy

Our rapid progression in developing hardware, protocols, and community engagement is a testament to our commitment to complete decentralization.

Phase 1
Foundation Establishment
  • Deploy Initial Relay Network

  • Finalize MILK Token Mechanics

  • Establish Core Protocol Structure

  • Initiate Community Outreach Program

  • Develop Educational Resources

Phase 2
Network Expansion
  • Expand Relay Hardware Distribution

  • Enhance Security Protocols

  • Strengthen Network Infrastructure

  • Grow Global Operator Community

  • Foster Collaborative Partnerships

Phase 3
Ecosystem Development
  • Integrate Advanced Relay Features

  • Implement Protocol Optimizations

  • Launch Decentralized Governance

  • Establish Reward Mechanism

  • Enhance User Interface

Phase 4
Scalability and Integration
  • Scale Network Capacity

  • Optimize Reward Distribution

  • Broaden Hardware Compatibility

  • Enhance Cloud Infrastructure

  • Integrate Additional Protocols

Phase 5
Global Outreach and Sustainability
  • Solidify Global Network Presence

  • Promote Sustainable Practices

  • Strengthen Community Engagement

  • Refine Governance Model

  • Pursue Continuous Innovation

Join Our Endeavor

Participate in a pioneering initiative to redefine the landscape of internet anonymity and privacy. Together, we are forging a more secure and private online world.

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